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The demand for Korean karaoke in Vietnam is increasing day by day. The number of Koreans working in our country is not uncommon. Therefore, the demand for entertainment and relaxation with Korean karaoke songs is also very much. One of the best Korean karaoke bars in Ho Chi Minh City is Okami Business Club. Let’s learn about this Korean karaoke bar.

Features of Korean karaoke bars

In Korea karaoke is called Norebang – where you can easily find anywhere in Korea. In particular, Norebang often appears in places around the university. This type of entertainment is very popular with students. Norebang was born to serve the special entertainment needs of young people.

Room rental price in Norabang in Korea is the same as in Vietnam, usually calculated by the hour. Normally, when using a Korean karaoke music service, it will cost about 15,000 won/hour or about 300,000 VND/hour (affordable room). 

Features of Korean karaoke bars

When singing in the karaoke room, you will have the most enjoyable moments with your friends. Here, you are free to express your emotions such as happiness, sadness, etc. In particular, you can freely sing your favorite songs without having to worry about any criticism, praise or criticism. any. 

Features of Korean karaoke bars

In Korea, if you accidentally drink a little too much. Then Norabang is the place for you to be more awake. In addition, for those of you who come home late and are closed to the house, Norebang is also an ideal destination for you to have fun until morning.

Features of Korean karaoke bars

In Korea, each Norebang will have a different style of service such as: Korean, Japanese, French style rooms, etc. with snacks, soft drinks, beer, etc. This is a way to make a good impression on guests. . 

High-class karaoke room in Korea is a room with full interior conditions like normal HCM KTV rooms but with many other factors such as: using high-class materials, high-class design style, luxury, and uniqueness. unique.

Karaoke room in Korea is a place to express each person’s musical preferences. This is where people can relieve stress. When you are completely separate from the confined office environment or the pressure of life. Therefore, in the land of kimchi, many people frequent Norebang. To relieve stress and pressure.

Highlights of Korean karaoke Okami Business Club

Highlights of Korean karaoke Okami Business Club

Korean karaoke bar in District 1 Okami Business Club is a place where many domestic and foreign guests gather. The reason why this place is so chosen by many people is because of some outstanding features as follows:

  • Karaoke Korea Okami Business Club always welcomes the music trends of young people in Korea and Vietnam as well as abroad. 
  • Along with that, the new, unique and fancy space design has given this place an irresistible attraction. Many rooms are designed according to Korean standards so that customers can freely choose.
  • The synchronization and unity from the quality of the sound system, the image to the quality of service of the Korean karaoke bar Okami Business Club has brought to all customers the most standard songs, moments of adventure. ‘ literally.
  • The Korean karaoke bar Okami Business Club is designed with the main dark background tone to help the space seem to be blown up with the fire of passion and vitality.
  • To meet the increasing requirements of foreign and domestic customers, Okami Business Club has always focused on investing in facilities as well as sound systems.
  • Okami Business Club is always learning the trends favored by young people and applying them selectively.
  • With a reasonable price and a full service package, from the way of service, sound, light to entertainment space all blend together to create a special attraction for Okami Business Club.

Why you should choose Korean karaoke Ho Chi Minh City Okami Business Club

Why you should choose Korean karaoke Ho Chi Minh City Okami Business Club

Okami Business Club is the most mentioned name when wanting to use karaoke services in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. The Korean karaoke bar in Saigon Okami Business Club deserves to be a place chosen by many people for the following reasons:

  • Music will help you reduce stress, stress, fatigue after a working day. Because the sound system at Okami Business Club is very lively. So you can freely sing along with your favorite music.
  • The space at Okami Business Club is very luxurious, cozy and modern, so groups of friends can get closer and bond with each other when singing together.
  • Service here is extremely professional, friendly, enthusiastic, always open to customers.
  • The cost of using the service at Okami Business Club is quite affordable, so you don’t need to worry about financial problems.
  • Okami Business Club is located in an extremely easy to find location. So you can come here whenever you want.
  • Because the list of Korean karaoke music in Ho Chi Minh City here is very diverse and rich. So you can use foreign songs as needed.


Okami Business Club is one of the most popular Korean karaoke barsMany Korean tourists as well as domestic customers have chosen. Not only known for the luxurious, classy, ​​Korean standard space. And the price is very affordable. This is definitely the address that meets the needs of every customer. Love singing.

The article is the most detailed information about the Korean karaoke bar Okami Business Club Hope this information will help you. In the process of researching as well as choosing the karaoke address that I trust the most. If you want to have great relaxing moments here. Please contact the following address.

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Okami Business Club

  • Address: 89/17 Ham Nghi, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Email: okamibusinessclub@gmail.com
  • Zalo: 0945825057
  • Phone number: 0945825057
  • Facebook: Okami Business Club
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